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E-commerce store

Website for Polish e-commerce specialized in tincture making kits. The entire site is built on next.js 14 Data is stored in MongoDB, and payments are handled through Stripe Payments. More detailed description: - The Shopping Cart is made with a React context provider, serving as a client-side component that displays information about cart items based on data retrieved from a database. - Payments are handled via custom logic written based on the stripe.com/api/documentation. Essentially, a new checkout.session created each time when a client clicks 'Pay' button in the shopping cart. - All the data about the products is retrieved from MongoDB. - Form validations are handled with React-Hook-Form and Zod. - Dynamic rendering for each product and dynamic SEO description based on the data retrieved from the MongoDB. - Human-readable, self - healing URLS. (Thanks to the https://mikebifulco.com/posts/self-healing-urls-nextjs-seo) If you write the wrong url - it is not a problem: Wrong url example: https://kupaz.pl/smaki/irisXh-2 - it will redirect you to the https://kupaz.pl/smaki/irish-2 - Filtering functionality for products The data from the <select> dropdown is "reactive" to the url params - Animations made with framer - motion - Swiper.js for photos